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About Us

Women building awareness to create a world of unstoppable women who are fearless. Strong, yet still feminine. Beautiful, high quality goods that are designed especially for you. Discover our story and meet the people that make our brand what it is.



Hello, I am a young entrepreneur and model who grew up in Montana. My #1 goal is to inspire, motivate and empower as many people as possible to create the supreme version of themselves. I am a huge health, wellness, fitness and self growth advocate, always learning and sharing. Outside of LISSYFIT, I really enjoy traveling and experiencing new things in life. I just want to thank EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart who is here, reading this, supporting me + LISSYFIT and who is able to feel one step closer to their highest self from our journey.



Like I mentioned earlier, being a model I saw a "gap" in the fitness space. I saw this ongoing trend of females who still believe cardio is the answer to society's "body standards". Quite frankly, no. I experienced a accidental, dramatic shift in my body appearance when I started lifting weights after being a ballerina my entire life. What helped me start going to the gym was wearing cute sets. I became a huge lover of fitness, alongside my love for fashion. My first year into college, I thought... Hey! Why not make a sportswear brand, but make it form fitting, comfy, and stylish all while empowering other girls with what I went through. I always knew I had an independent, "go getter" spirit, but never knew what my "entrepreneurial" journey would event entail, until I just put down the books and went for it. We initially started our brand through Amazon through the first year, then moving into our own store. Beyond grateful to have LISSYFIT at this point and am BEYOND excited for you to see what's to come!



To empower women to feel confident starting inside the gym.


Build awareness for health and fitness to create a world of unstoppable women who are fearless.


Making a difference through female empowerment. Building confidence starting inside the gym.



Inspired by the word "missy" we took a spin and called our brand "lissy". MIss means girly to us and our brand stands for everything girly, yet powerful.

Fit and Feminine

This is our tagline that we live by. Whether you are a "girly girl" or not, We hope to encourage you to start feeling confident in the gym.

We are breaking the norms of having to be "tomboy" to be a gym rat. Contradictory, if you are, let's say a model, you can feel empowered in this male dominated area: the weight section. You can wear our cute sets while crushing it in the gym. No more stereotyping with lissyfit.

And best of all, you can wear our sets all day (not limited to just the gym).



Our store is organized by passions for health and fitness with products that empower you to feel your absolute most confident starting inside the gym. Not only this we do aim to satisfy customers with high quality products, we ensure you will never look back after joining this bad B community.



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